The main purpose of the Beethoven Festival Orchestra (BFO) is to provide affordable performances of classical music by the highest caliber professional symphony orchestra and soloists. Affordable here is defined as all seats, even the best ones in the house for the same price as a movie ticket, and students and seniors, half price.

The BFO takes inspiration from great composers who intended their music to be enjoyed by everyone, not just an elite segment of society.  As Beethoven wrote, “My art shall be exhibited only in the service of the poor.  Oh, happy moment, how fortunate I think myself to be able to further, if not to create such a moment!” Therefore, BFO ticket prices will be the same price as movie tickets, with tickets for seniors and students being offered at half price. It also will serve as a showcase for young soloists and perform world premieres.

A key component to the organization is its outreach program, which brings small groups of artists to schools and churches, especially in communities where the orchestra would be providing first-time exposure to the symphony, opera, and ballet.  BFO hopes that these outreach initiatives will work as a bridge to stimulate interest among populations who might not otherwise seek out such entertainment and thus encourage these groups to attend both future BFO performances and performances by other performing arts organizations.

Another important component of the BFO will be its youth orchestra for outstanding musicians in their teens and twenties.  The program is designed as a training orchestra for aspiring young musicians.  The youth orchestra will serve to instill the values of unity and hard work toward the achievement of great results.  Musicians from the professional orchestra will mentor and coach the individual sections of the youth orchestra.  Some members of the youth orchestra will also be given leadership and responsibilities among small groups of their peers.

A third component of the BFO will be its reading orchestra. The purpose of this volunteer orchestra is to provide an opportunity for professional and amateur musicians to come together on a weekly basis to play great symphonic works. The musicians play for themselves, simply for the joy of making music together.  It will also provide an encouragement for volunteers to assist the BFO on various committees and other activities of the BFO.